Hungry Girl TO THE MAX has arrived!!

Sorry this is a day late — but yesterday and today I have been sick. But ANYWAY — as I mentioned in my first post, I work for Hungry Girl – the guilt-free world of all foods!! My title is food stylist/photographer (and all else that goes along with that) and I also contribute to a large amount of the recipe development for the company. I am sooooo excited for everyone to be able to own our new Hungry Girl Book — Hungry Girl To the MAX —  the biggest, most awesome HG book ever!!! I am very excited because not only did the HG team and myself work incredibly hard on this, but this is now my FIFTH Hungry Girl book with my name in it! :) And this time I even have a pretty little pic of myself inside!

Woohoo!! There I am! I can’t lie — I am super proud to be apart of the development of this book. The recipes inside are new and old — some classics we threw new spins on, etc. but there are 650 (!!!) total recipes for your eating pleasure. So this is me saying GO BUY THE BOOK!!!!! Please :)

I will admit, it’s probably cheapest online, but if you click here you can browse around for the best price! And check out our awesome book site — it has Weight Watchers PointsPlus values and photos (many styled/shot by me!!) for every recipe!!

And if you don’t already subscribe to our free daily emails — you should!! It’s free and you will find TONS of recipes and survival guides, etc. for living a guilt-free life!!

My professional plug is now over… I just had to share with you all how EXCITED I am that this book has finally hit shelves and want you all to enjoy it as much as I do!!!


I will be back with more recipes soon!! Love you all!! xoxo — Callie


One thought on “Hungry Girl TO THE MAX has arrived!!

  1. I’m so proud of you Callie! I know how hard you work and how much your creativity has added to hungry girl! Can’t wait to check out the new book! Love you!

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